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Er kann so den Wegbereitern der funktionellen Gebrauchsgraphik als Mittel der Massenkommunikation und der Verbreitung von Kunstwerken zur Seite gestellt werden.

Städelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie [WorldCat Identities]

Die Gotik wurde hier, ganz im Sinne der Empfindsamkeit, als einer der "exotischen", einer gewissen Stimmung entsprechenden Stile aufgefasst. Die stilistischen Merkmale besonders des letzten Bildes deuten noch auf einen bedeutenden Anteil des Vaters hin. Einsiedler Ivan. Jeden freien Moment verbrachte er damals im Freien mit dem Malen nach der Natur. Eine wesentliche Rolle spielte dabei seine Begegnung mit Berglers Kunstauffassung.

Alter Kunst, zu Beginn des Beide bilden das Fundament der Ikonographie seiner Bilder aus den zwanziger Jahren. Es hing einerseits mit der Durchsetzung des Anspruchs auf romantische Phantasie zusammen, aber auch mit neuen literarischen und sozialen Themen. Nach Raspenau lieferte er das Bild Vision des hl. Franziskus , und er malte die hl. Genovefa im Gebet, der das Kreuz Christi erscheint und Antonius Here, photography serves as the testimony of the body. The extreme finds its expression in photography — whether in the attitude of the photographer or the perception of habitats beyond the confines of normative standards set by society.

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More than 40 international artistic contributions show how contradictory the element of water can be: a place where we may run aground or set sail for new shores, a place of exchange or conquest and also a utopia. Andrea Jahn. How do they deal with their social responsibility and the legacy of their feminist predecessors? What language do they find for the unexpressed?

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg is presenting the first exhibition in Germany featuring six women artists from India. April 13 - June 3, Carlos Garaicoa Carlos Garaicoa Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London, Great Britain Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art will present a solo exhibition devoted to the work of Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa b.

The Impact of the Italian and Northern Renaissance on Albrecht Dürer the Younger

Exploring a diverse body of work, the exhibition will reflect upon the city — its limitations as well as its potentials and possibilities — as a physical infrastructure, social network and political space. Garaicoa teases at the dialectical relationship between macro-economic architectures and micro-realities by juxtaposing the city at street level and the city from above.

Smith has spent decades exploring themes of mortality, spirituality, society, the body, nature and the mind.

The clear, simple, and pure forms of these masks, statuettes, vases, and shields, which display a formal correspondence with her works, called out to her. For the first time, the entire collection can now be seen in a major presentation. In the Contemporary Art Collection the dominant artistic attitude is factual, objective and conceptual. The starting point is the work of the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Besides the Bechers' documentary practice, the collection includes other influential positions of serial and project-related photography. Acquisitions , group show Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn, Germany The exhibition showcases a total of selected works by 81 artists, whose work has been acquired by a committee of experts for the Collection of the Federal Republic of Germany over the last five years for approximately 1. His visual tales, whether of an intimate character or large staged installations, combine painting, photography, video and documents; image, text and sound.

His works plunge the viewer into a world that oscillates between reality and fantasy, in which the tenuous line that separates them is not always distinguishable. Manifesto draws on the writings of Futurists, Dadaists, Fluxus artists, Suprematists, Situationists, Dogma 95 and other artist groups, and the musings of individual artists, architects, dancers and filmmakers. February 28 - May 27, Boris Mikhailov Another Kind of Life Photography on the Margins, group show Barbican Art Gallery, London, Great Britain Touching on themes of countercultures, subcultures and minorities of all kinds, the show features the work of 20 photographers from the s to the present day.

Another Kind of Life follows the lives of individuals and communities operating on the fringes of society from America to India, Chile to Nigeria. The exhibition reflects a more diverse, complex view of the world, as captured and recorded by photographers. February 16, - January 6, Katharina Grosse Wunderbild National Gallery Prague For the National Gallery in Prague, Grosse elaborates a large-scale, site specific painterly installation which radically redefines painting as a performative and architectural medium and responds to the Gallery's industrial space of the late 20s functionalist style.

The color gains a volume; the flat surface turns sculptural; the pictorial field crosses the limits of the visual.

Jerg Ratgeb

Epic in scale, immersive installation reminds of both a medieval mural and a womb-like cave of a pre-ancient drawing, a post-theatrical chamber of a hyper-technisized, intoxicating environment. Die Vermessung des Raums Hamburger Kunsthalle The Hamburger Kunsthalle owns an important collection of international contemporary art from the s to the present. At the same time, it is a great pleasure to keep the collection alive and accessible to our visitors by presenting the works in changing constellations. This is the second occasion the Prix Pictet has exhibited in Mexico City, visiting previously in for the Consumption cycle.

A space is defined only by differentiation from another space, for which it needs walls that serve as barriers or borders. These are mainly conceived and put in place by man Her fearless investigation of the body is a complex consideration of the human condition, addressing topics of age, death, wounding and healing, resuscitation, fragmentation, birth, sexuality, gender and memory.

In addition to sculpture, Smith works in a variety of other media, notably drawing, etching and lithography; but also in the mediums of artists' books, photography, video and more recently tapestry. UNE is an ambitious project which, through artistic, intercultural and generational confrontation, has given rise to surprising collaborations and interconnections, providing a contemporary vision of the French Academy in Rome.

Beginning in , these newly acquired artworks are shown in a number of exhibitions in Berlin and Stuttgart. November, bis Sonntag, Dezember, und vom Samstag, Januar, bis Sonntag, The exhibition is the first joint project between these two internationally acclaimed female artists.

Both artists regard location and historic context as an integral part of their artistic reflection. In their own way, each examines issues of identity, self-determination, control, power and domination. November 16, Julian Rosefeldt Manifesto Kino International Beriln Manifesto — the film — will finally be released in Germany at Kino International Berlin — after touring festivals around the world. November 16, , pm, doors open pm.

El Palacio de las Tres Historias, curated by Claudia Gioia, consists of a series of large-scale site-specific installations, photographic works and videos specially commissioned for the exhibition. For the first time, this project draws its inspiration from the city of Turin. In the installation, which premiered at dOCUMENTA 13 , the artist develops her own vision of a cosmology that breaks with all standard conceptions of corporeality and consciousness, dissolving the boundaries between human, nature, culture, and other species.

It was intended to intensify artistic exchange among the neighboring countries of Austria, Italy, and Yugoslavia.

PDF Albrecht Dürer als Maler. Ausgewählte Werke (German Edition)

Buchkunst im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert" "Vocal papers. Book art in the twentieth century". Today, the collection encompasses around 14, objects. Painting, sculpture, installation, photography and video art will be simultaneously on view at eight different, renowned museums throughout Beijing. September 16, - January 7, Katharina Gaenssler Chicago Architecture Biennial The Chicago Architecture Biennial will showcase the diversity of work from around the world to examine the underpinnings of this resurgence of historical interest.

Through the lens of architecture, the Biennial aims to examine the interplay of design and the broadening access to, as well as recall of, historical source material. Nevertheless, these human rights are massively violated somewhere in the world every day — even in the states that have signed the charta to date. Adherence to the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, therefore, appears as the ideal social state; one far from being achieved in everyday human life but requiring constant, repeated insistence. Welsh artist Bethan Huws and David Ireland did not meet; their work was never exhibited together, and they never sat down to conduct an interview.

With an area of some m. The motif will overlay with both the interior and the exterior. White parallelogram-shaped and colored, round glass tables in the interior carry forward the superimposition of color plays as well as the gaze through the windows. Wie macht sich das Chromosom der Kunst bemerkbar? Mal, damit auch die 1. On view will be works in a variety of media by 22 international artists from 15 different countries that deal with elements of a broad range of languages and writing systems, exploring their impact as visual signs, expanding on them, and transforming them artistically.

The Mnam-Centre Pompidou, Paris, will pay tribute to this anniversary next summer, while part of the donation made to the museum continues to travel. The third edition of Made in Germany in Hanover will concentrate on the conditions of the production of art in Germany and the question of how geographic, political, and institutional structures as well as new technologies create the necessary prerequisites for the production of art. May 23, - June 12, Katharina Grosse Deutscher Wald German Forest Albertinum, Dresden, Germany Forests and trees — mighty oaks on broad clearings and lush green in hidden corners — are among the frequently depicted motifs in paintings dating from the first half of the 19th century.

In the Romantic era the German forest became a symbol of national identity and self-confidence, and at the same time a focus of artistic reflection.