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The Apostle Paul understood the single lifestyle far better than the social commentators of our day. A summary of his inspired words in the New Testament present us with a challenge that cuts across the grain of our society:. Many singles feel as if their lives are in a holding pattern, like an airplane that is supposed to be landing at its destination but has been ordered to circle the airport. | A Website for Christian Singles and Young Adults

With that lovely couple in place, we focused on fellowship, fun, and service. In the midst of that wholesome and winsome blend of focus, some romances and marriages resulted directly from the Ministry. The best Christian Singles groups sponsor and host a variety of activities. Helpful Hint : If you are in a very small church, sister up with other area Churches to co-sponsor larger events like 1-Day trainings with some fellowship time.

You and those other dear churches can mingle your singles for various special occasion dances, special dinners and teachings. There are so many singles groups out there. You will still find Faith Based Singles Ministries. In recent years, many Christian Churches have cut back on their ministry to their single church members. However, there are still many Jewish Singles groups affiliated with local synagogues. Secondarily, some Christian denominations have a single ministry group not directly affiliated with the local church but led by their single church members meeting the spouse mate search of church member singles.

Interestingly enough, you do not have to be a member of the particular faith community to benefit from the singles group in any given Christian denomination. If you have a singles group anywhere here in The States or our Cousin Country, the great land which brought us that greatest of games… Hockey, Canada, please email me their information and include:. Please, I am happy to include Jewish singles groups here as well. Mazel tov. Full Address and Location: in particular, please well identify the building in which the event is happening so First Time Attendees could readily locate it and not get stuck feeling embarrassed not already knowing the layout intimately.

Contact information, including an email. Please indicate to me in the email anecdotally if the group and event are welcoming to non-denominational attendees, or if they would be mildly ostracized. Some of the events which are more intimate, like a small group dinner, might need to be more exclusive.

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Age Ranges where relevant. May God bless your journey in finding your soulmate! Wyatt on June 22, am MT. Blessing in Christ's Name! I signed up because i just want to add more encouragement to those who join this dating site. I'm a child of God and in ministry. I'm telling a friend to join here so she can find somebody with a relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

She was broken hearted because the man who promise her marriage came to the Philippines and after getting a visa to stay here as long as he wants he broke the promise. I now see the man is not a true Christian.

I'm telling her that here members are men of God and at least they are being monitored by site owners. I read everything here and praise God I saw lots of Bible verses. God's word is very important in a relationship and Christ must be at the center between 2 individuals. Thank you and God bless! By lynredw on May 3, am MT Thanks Lynredw Wyatt on May 8, pm MT.

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The websites you list in your tip section are not free. For instance, getting the results of a search on beenverified. I doubt people will want to spend that much to look up each person of interest. Perhaps research some other options and add those to the tips section. By contentnm on September 13, pm MT It's usually recommended to use it with someone you have gotten to know well online before you meet them in person. Wyatt on September 13, pm MT. I thought that was probably what you meant Blessings! Wyatt By Dr. Wyatt on August 25, am MT. I'm a new member, my Profile was just approved within the past few hours.

Thanks for your Website, it does seems to be of higher quality than most others. Your Points are spot-on. None surprised me. Any-whoo, I wanted ask for help in viewing my video, when I click on the link nothing happens. Please assist! Because I look forward to the exposure via your website; it just might be the vehicle through which God will send me my husband. Thank you! By on August 25, am MT Your video is working on my side but it takes awhile to load before it does. Within your account click on "Profile Preview" towards the bottom and it will display what your profile looks like to others.

Thank you for this creating a website specifically for Christians. However, I do have a suggestion: It would be extremely helpful for us MEN specifically when doing a search if we had the option to search by physical traits. Brother, you know that physical attraction is important for men. These search options, in my opinion, cater only to women who obviously do not care about physical attraction. Please take this into serious consideration. Thank you and God bless you.

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By Yeshua25 on July 24, pm MT Thanks for the feedback on wanting more physical traits mentioned in the search options. Wyatt on July 25, am MT. Thanks for this article and for this relatively new Christian dating site. This article is rich and is equipping me to date the correct way.

Since, it is still new and the subscriber-base especially in my geographic area is very limited, but I trust that more believers should support it. That's exactly why I am here.

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I am not sure if I'll ever meet someone here but that's part of my new way of dating not that I date much most importantly, to let God be the navigator and surrendering to His control. I pray that this site will continue to grow and be the tool as God intended to bless all godly Jesus-loving singles. Thank you to the founders and staff working tirelessly toward this mission!!! You're very welcome! I'm the founder and I appreciate your prayers for ChristianCrush and your own heart to yield to God's leading on your path to become equally yoked!

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Wyatt on July 18, pm MT. Hi doctor the information is very helpful. My girlfriend and I started out the wrong way but we believe we are soulmates.

We're both Christians and God did let us know that we had started the wrong way. She's an introvert and I'm an extrovert and at times I know she needs solitude to recharge.