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En su centenario. November, Edited by Marianela medrano and Juleyka Lantigua-Williams. V I September August 19th, 4E. Interview, biography and poems: "Con la memoria al ras de la garganta", "Tu boca":. October Ortiz', 'Homenaje'.. Minerva Salado.

Visor de obras.

Ortiz', 'Homage'.. Paquita Suarez-Coalla. Oviedo: Trabe. Domingo- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. NY, NY Centro Cultural.

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.. Avenida Zona 1, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.. Ciudad de Guatemala. Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.. New York, NY Elmhurst, NY Mujeres en la guerra civil de El Salvador Hanover, NH Birmingham, Alabama.

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La influencia de la madre en nuestras vidas. Avenida Los Andes , Col. Miramonte, San Salvador, El Salvador.. Lehman College. W, Bronx, NY Elmhurst, New York Jamaica, Brentwood, NY Calle 3ra.

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Casa de la Cultura de Sonsonate. Calle Alberto Masferrer y Ave. Calle Pte. Mejicanos, Sonsonate, El Salvador. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Festival de las artes: Solo para locos " November 5, Lehman College. Bronx, NY Renaissance Charter School. Brentwood, Long Island, NY Mitre esq. Pasaje poeta Fabricio Simeoni , Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.. Conducted by Marisol Briones.

Recuerdos de una experiencia carcelaria. Programa: Genero y Cultura.

New York, N. Recinto de Vega Baja, PR. Recinto de Ponce, PR. Recinto Metropolitano. San Juan, PR. Woodside, N. Washington, D. Terraza 7 Bar, New York City. Farifield, Connecticut. Palace Danbury. Danbury, CT. Brooklyn, NY. New York, NY. Jackson Heights, New York. First International Coloquium: "Identidades culturales y presencia de los latinos en los Estados Unidos".

First International Poetry Reading. Tegucigalpa, Honduras. School of Arts and Sciences Exhibition. Special Guest: Margarita Drago. Author of Fragmentos de la memoria. Derechos humanos en la literatura. Georgia State University.. Symposium on Human Rights and the Humanities. Margarita Drago and a group of York College Students. Renaissance School, Queens, NY.. Memory Tracks: Fragments from Prison Migration Syracuse Symposium En Rojo, Claridad, Puerto Rico..

Dominicans in the U. Prior to Recovering an Earlier Dominican Presence. We exemplify our algorithmic methodology using the family of Daubechies wavelets, since they form an orthogonal function set. We benchmark the quality of the image features generated by doing a comparative OCR experiment with three different sets of image features. Our algorithm can use a wide variety of orthogonal functions to generate rotation invariant features, thus providing the flexibility to identify sets of image features that are best suited for the recognition of different classes of images.

When analyzing catastrophic risk, traditional measures for evaluating risk, such as the probable maximum loss PML , value at risk VaR , tail-VaR, and others, can become practically impossible to obtain analytically in certain types of insurance, such as earthquake, and certain types of reinsurance arrangements, specially non-proportional with reinstatements.

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Given the available information, it can be very difficult for an insurer to measure its risk exposure. This effect can be assessed mathematically. The PML is defined in terms of a very extreme quantile.

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The resulting reinsurance structures will then be very complicated to analyze and to evaluate their mitigation or transfer effects analytically, so it may be necessary to use alternative approaches, such as Monte Carlo simulation methods. This is what we do in this paper in order to measure the effect of a complex reinsurance treaty on the risk profile of an insurance company.

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We compute the pure risk premium, PML as well as a host of results: impact on the insured portfolio, risk transfer effect of reinsurance programs, proportion of times reinsurance is exhausted, percentage of years it was necessary to use the contractual reinstatements, etc. Since the estimators of quantiles are known to be biased, we explore the alternative of using an Extreme Value approach to complement the analysis. The need to estimate future claims has led to the development of many loss reserving techniques. There are two important problems that must be dealt with in the process of estimating reserves for outstanding claims: one is to determine an appropriate model for the claims process, and the other is to assess the degree of correlation among claim payments in different calendar and origin years.

We approach both problems here. On the one hand we use a gamma distribution to model the claims process and, in addition, we allow the claims to be correlated. We follow a Bayesian approach for making inference with vague prior distributions.