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Does this seem farfetched? Consider what a faithful father, a godly mother, obedient children, and perhaps even a holy grandparent or two pictures. Is it not a small picture of heaven?

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One woman in our church developed a friendship with neighbor kids who would arrive for cookies at around 4 p. Those teenagers experienced something different in that Christian house!

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Another example that comes to mind is that of missionaries our church supports in a Muslim country. The couple has several daughters, and they have testified that the greatest tool of evangelism is their home life. Their Muslim friends are amazed to see the love and respect the father has for his wife and daughters, and their neighbors love to spend time in that Christian home.

These days, even having children can help the work of evangelism. Having children too early, having too many, or having them for the wrong reasons, can raise eyebrows. If God intends for our families to teach humanity something about himself, his gospel, and his church—as we considered in part 1 of this series—then having children provides an opportunity for Christians to teach about such things through their homes.

Having children can also show that Christians have kingdom priorities, rather than selfish and worldly ones. Finally, having children provides an opportunity to evangelize future generations. Have you ever noticed that God repeatedly promises to bless generations of families? And we see great examples of this in the New Testament, as with Timothy, who learned the gospel from his mother and grandmother.

God loves to bless families.

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  7. Do churches have anything to say about children beyond whether or not they should be baptized? Building families is critical Christian ministry. In part 3 of this series, we will consider how men and women image God differently, and what that means for raising boys and girls differently. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Andrew Nichols is married with four children. Andrew is a lawyer who enjoys reading about politics, theology, history, and basketball.

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    Resources Donate. Article Notice specifically how a growing church family presupposes some understanding of a healthy human family: Since God is our Father, we really are in a fundamental sense one family. A Beautiful Symbiosis In all of this, there is a beautiful symbiosis: the family blesses the church and the church blesses the family.

    Practical Applications for Your Church So be honest. In exchange for the sacrifice involved in having children, they will provide the church with a picture that reflects aspects of the relationship between the First and Second persons of the Trinity. Consider how you would encourage that lonely single. Consider how you can encourage that mother in your church who often second-guesses her career sacrifice to stay home with children. Help her see that she has gone into full-time ministry! Why Satan Attacks Yet have you noticed that the concept of a family in Western culture is becoming more and more distinctly Christian?

    The Family as an Outpost Indeed, since Satan has so successfully attacked the family—and thus distorted the very conceptual categories we have for conveying gospel truths—Christian homes are a vital base of evangelism. Home—A Pejorative Term?

    Embedded Portraits: A Theological Vision for Families 3

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    Abigail: A Bible Woman with Beauty and Brains | Marg Mowczko

    Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Book Description Condition: New. Items related to Daughters of God: Scriptural Portraits. Daughters of God: Scriptural Portraits. Michael Wilcox. Publisher: Deseret Book Company , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. Why did Terah begin the journey to Canaan in the first place? I personally believe that before God spoke to Abraham, He had spoken to his father; otherwise, why would Terah leave Ur and start going to Canaan?

    We know that Terah did not worship the one true God. Perhaps the very first l ech-lecha — go out! It is likely that Terah had been called first, before his son, and he probably responded to this call by heading for Canaan. However, he never got there. He stopped in Haran, because dwelling in Haran was much more comfortable and safe than living in tents in Canaan — and thus, Terah never became what he could and should have become.

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    8. In this sense, the short verse regarding Abraham— they departed to go to the land of Canaan… They came to the land of Canaan — is much more than merely a technical comment. Abraham became the father of a people and of peoples, while the Scripture tells us virtually nothing about Terah, except the fact that he was a descendant of Shem and father of Abraham.

      By Julia Blum November 21, By Julia Blum November 13, Thank you so much for this post. Deep an inspiring it blessed my day very much. Dagnaldo from Brazil. I enjoyed the in-depth review you have done here. We do not know that Terah was called because it is not specifically stated.

      Scriptures on Confidence and Self-Worth for Christian Teens

      As in David and Solomon, David thought in his own desire to please the Lord that he would build a temple. However God had other plans: Solomon. So I believe first we need to make sure He is calling us to do something first.

      watch If he has truly called us He knows we will fulfill it. THank you so much for your kind words Curt! I am so glad you enjoyed this first article, and I really hope you will find the next ones interesting as well. Haran died.


      No explanation whatsoever.