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It is a great addition but just have never seen the campus without construction. I wish I knew there was all this construction planned. While trying to plan for the future and keep campus upto date, it creates some problems with our green space. University of Wisconsin- Whitewater always keeps accessability in mind and the saftey of students even during tough construction times. I wish I had known that the classes were ind of hard, meaning that they would take reading and understanding what u read. Also that students go home on the weekend and the campus is dead on the weekend.

I wish I had known just how many opportunities were available to me. The campus is full of intramural sports, Greek organizations and clubs. I wished I had known just how many of them I was eligible for and how to join them.

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It would have been cool to have been more involved. For myself I wish I knew the responsibility and dedication it took to be a good student. Coming from a questionable high school career I was not the best student, but with the experiences at my college I am shaping up to be a studious and dedicated person. Making friends within the first six weeks of school and becoming involved on campus creates a greater sense of belonging while attending this University.

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Also, don't forget to bring shower shoes for the bathroom! Welcome to Unigo. We want you to have the best college experience, so Plus-U moved in with Unigo. You're now part of the most extensive college network on the planet, with incredible resources to help you at every step of your journey. Bad news: this school is closed or no longer available. Serena tells Nate he can't publish it and he needs to leave his feelings for Diana out and think of the ramifications of publishing the website. Charlie continues to lie to Max about her double life. He asks if she would like to get back together but she says that she needs some time to figure out her real life without having to lie to him.

She offers to pay for Max to open his own restaurant.

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Lily shows Max a family portrait and asks if he knows Carol, Charlie's mom. He instantly realizes that Charlie is lying again and says he'll see Lily more often. Diana tries to convince Nate to post the Gossip Girl tips list. She looks up Nate's name on the list and discovers he has never sent anything in to Gossip Girl. She says she won't publish the site and she'll find another way to save her job. Nate exits and Diana places a call to an unknown person. Blair calls Lily and asks for details about the party but Lily continues to lie to her.

Lily then talks to Charlie about Max and how Carol made Charlie lie about her name. Blair discovers Louis looking at the Gossip Girl tips list. She tells him that her friends may not have her best interest at heart because they're throwing an awful party for her. Blair leaves for the shower and Louis publishes the website from Serena's computer. Louis and Blair arrive at her shower and find that the party is perfectly planned in Blair's taste.

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Penelope notices that the list has been published and shows Serena. Dan crashes Blair's party, obeying Chuck's advice to be a man of action. Chuck arrives to talk to Dan. News about the Gossip Girl list is becoming known as people at Blair's party begin saying harsh words to each other. Diana goes to see William and tells him that she cares more about Nate and the newspaper than William ever will.

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Nate walks in to see the two talking. Blair yells at Serena about how no one in the Upper East Side are really friends and that they're out on their own. Serena tells Blair that Louis could be the one that published the list. Diana tells Nate that she called his grandfather to ask how to save her job. Nate accuses Diana of publishing the tips list. William tells Diana that she is fired. Max and Charlie are fighting about how she's lying. She says that she will give him money to leave and keep her family alone. He accepts and leaves.

Chuck finds Dan sitting on a case of stairs. Dan instantly denies it. Chuck tells Dan that he's in love with Blair because Dan knows that Blair follows her heart and doesn't care about social standing. Blair asks Louis if he posted the page. He says he was trying to show her about her friends.

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Blair says that Louis's sister tipped Gossip Girl about her paternity test and tells Louis to leave. She says she needs time to think about the future of their relationship. Blair and Serena are sitting in the aftermath of the party. Blair says that Louis is self-destructing and tells Serena not to tell people that Louis published the site. Serena tells Blair that Chuck still loves her. Max meets Serena at Blair's and apologizes for standing her up.

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