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In this program, Dr. Dana Frank, author of the Long Honduran Night, examines the long term impact of Greek Raps Anti-Fascism In this episode of Making Contact, we explore the past and present of the far right and anti-fascism.

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We begin with a story from Athens on the murder and investigation of Greek rapper, Pavlos Fyssas. In the second The makers pitch the monitors as an alternative to being jailed, but are they simply The vast majority of care recipients are exclusively receiving unpaid care from a family member, friend, or neighbor. The rest receive a combination of family care and paid assistance, or exclusively paid formal care.

Making contact with the primitive mind: the contact-barrier, beta-elements and the drives.

Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem was founded on a promise to serve all patients with the same, excellent care. There, the When we did learn The city has one of the highest per capita incarceration rates in the world.

Women have a long way to go to obtain control over our own bodies, our family planning, our reproductive health. There are influential And, one reproductive justice organization considers the future of reproductive health access Support independent media!

Email Address:. Jul Jun Dana Frank on the Long Honduran Night. Making Contact produces media that analyses critical issues and showcases grassroots solutions in order to inform and inspire audiences to action.

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