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What starts as an ordinary investigation soon turns into an endless nightmare as you confront your fears and the Blair Witch, a mysterious force that haunts the woods Experience an original story based on the legend of Blair Witch from the makers of Layers of Fear.

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We're using cookies on our website. Those cookies won't chase you throughout the woods nor attack you from the dark. But if you still don't feel safe enough you can make them go away simply by changing settings in your browser. There was never a dull moment. The hayride which is half a mile had us enthralled and the trail that followed into the woods had us gasping for breath.

It was nightmarish to say the least. We will surely be back. Our 10yo said 5 minutes into the walk after she begged to go. She ended up having a great time. One thing I really liked about this haunted forest was it was about the scare, not grossing you out with blood and gore.

They do a really good job here.

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They clearly have put a lot of thought into this. You start on a hayride, and it takes you out into the middle of nowhere. Then you start the walk and it lasts about 45 minutes. At the end they take you back to where you parked.

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However my girlfriend will scream if a pencil drops so she was plenty scared. The spooks themselves were very good and scary, lots of makeup and most of them stayed in character. Overall a very good place to visit! See you next year. Me and my freinds have been coming to this one for 3 years. The atmosphere is great because it's fairly secluded and dark. The hayride is enjoyable and not really that haunted but I like that because you get to just enjoy that creepy,dark, middle of nowhere feeling.

I like getting snacks and hot cider after while hanging out around the fire there too.

Did you get it?

I and my BF went to Nightmare after much deliberation. But what we saw and experienced there made our visit quite memorable. There were lots of scares, props, and strobe lights.

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The actor in stilts was creepy as hell. The trail was dark, lengthy, and confusing. The scares came freely and consistently from all sides. I screamed and laughed in equal measures. Looking back, it was great fun. Food and drinks was awesome. The staff was helpful. I will come again. This place had a wide variety of scenes and scares.

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Went with my teenage daughters, and we had a blast. The walk in the darkness through the woods was an awesome and scary experience. Always expect scares from all sides. The guy on the stilts virtually scared the daylight out of my daughters. Actors were professional in conduct.

The whole experience was worth the money. I will come again for sure.

There's a nightmare in the woods.

It was last week we visited this place and still the scares are etched very well in my mind, went there with my friends. We all had a great time. Got to spend more than an hour in the wilderness and it was great value for money. The hayride was enjoyable and had poo scares at every turn. The hayride dropped us at the trail and that was the longest I have ever been. It had us run for our life and we enjoyed it the most. Very thoughtful and well planned out with good use of timing. Freaking scary.

It gives you bad dreams. I just couldn't get it out of mind fully even after two days since the visit. Visited the place with my husband and kids few weeks back. The hayride was creepy and had few startling scares. It was pretty dark everywhere and the resulting air of spookiness slowly unsettles your resolve. The haunted trail was equally scary. It gives you a creepy, middle of nowhere feel, and eventually, the interactive scares and props will take you out.

The trail got some really grotesque characters that will scare you out of your wits. The food and hot cider came as a welcome respite once we got out.

Recommend this place for all scare seekers out there in Ohio. I am not easily scared. But Nightmare in the Wilderness had got me few times. The hayride had some original scares. The haunted trail is long and it was pretty dark all around. You get the feeling of having lost your way in the middle of the woods, and the scares exploit this insecurity of yours to startle you.

Nightmare in the Wilderness

I jumped few times. Entry fee was reasonable for the scares I encountered. Refreshments were fine too. Planning to bring my wife along next time. I'm gonna have nightmares for a week LOL. The guy on the stilts was probably one of the creepiest there. But they have put a lot of thought into this haunt and it shows. You won't be disappointed. Visited with my wife on Friday 13th and it was a fine type haunted attraction.

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It was my wife's first visit to a haunted attraction so she was pretty impressed but I used to visit 2 to 3 haunts during the season so for me it was just a cool walk.