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Quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence and primary photochemistry in chloroplasts by dibromothymoquinone. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta — Klessig D. Malamy J. The salicylic acid signal in plants. Plant Molecular Biology — Koocheki A. Rezvani Moghaddam P. Effects of planting dates irrigation management and cover crops on growth and yield of saffron Crocus sativus L. Journal of Agroecology 8 3 : — Kordi S. Saidi M. Ghanbari F. Induction of drought tolerance in sweet basil Ocimum basilicum L by salicylic acid.

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International Journal of Agricultural and Food Research 2 2 : 18— Martin-Mex R. Effects of salicylic acid on the bioproductivity of plants. In: Hayat S. Salicylic acid: a plant hormone. Springer Dordrecht pp. Statistical properties of chlorophyll fluorescence induction parameters. Early detection of plant stress from changes in distributions of chlorophyll a fluorescence parameters measured with fluorescence imaging. Journal of Fluorescence — Pons E.

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Prats G. Salicylic acid regulates flowering time and links defense responses and reproductive development.

Synthesis of ASA and Salicylic acid

McGuire R. Reporting of objective color measurements. HortScience — Moharekar S. Lokhande S.

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Hara T. Tanaka R. Tanaka A. Chavan P. Effect of salicylic acid on chlorophyll and carotenoid contents of wheat and moong seedlings. Photosynthetica 41 2 : — Molina R. Valero M. Navarro Y. Guardiola J. Temperature effects on flower formation in saffron Crocus sativus L. Scientia Horticulturae — Rojas E. Leal F. Effects of pruning and potassium nitrate spray on floral and vegetative bud break of mango cv.

Acta Horticulturae — Rambla J. Granell A. Metabolite and target transcript analyses during Crocus sativus stigma development. Phytochemistry 70 8 : — Crocins transport in Crocus sativus : the long road from a senescent stigma to a newborn corm. Phytochemistry 71 13 : — Yoneyama K. Apical dominance in saffron and the involvement of the branching enzymes CCD7 and CCD8 in the control of bud sprouting. BMC Plant Biology 14; 15 p.

Agronomy | Special Issue : Salicylic Acid in Plant Stress Responses

Shakirova F. Sakhabutdinova A. Bezrukova M. Fatkhutdinova R. Fatkhutdinova D.

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Changes in the hormonal status of wheat seedlings induced by salicylic acid and salinity. Plant Science — Sritontip C. Khaosumain Y.

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  • Changjaraja S. Poruksa R. Erdei L. Role of salicylic acid pre-treatment on the acclimation of tomato plants to salt- and osmotic stress. Acta Biologica Szegediensis — Tajik S. Zarinkamar F. Niknam V.

    enter Effects of salicylic acid on carotenoids and antioxidant activity of saffron Crocus sativus L. Applied Food Biotechnology 2 4 : 33— Wada K. Takeno K. Salicylic acid-mediated stress-induced flowering. Alyemeni M. Salicylic Acid: Plant Growth and Development. Yeshitela T. Robbertse P. Stassen P. Yildirim E. Turan M. Guvenc I. Effect of foliar salicylic acid applications on growth chlorophyll and mineral content of cucumber grown under salt stress. Young A. The photo protective role of carotenoids in higher plants.

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