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Astley maintained that his Canwell Committee experience was a direct cause of his firing, along with the fact that he participated in student organizations that were critical of the committee. In Astley, who was now working as a sawmill "dogger," was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee when hearings were held in Seattle.

In , Astley became a teacher, working in education as a secondary level English and social studies in the Seattle area. Having been a union member and supporter ever since he worked for General Motors in Pontiac, Astley was active in various education unions, such as the Washington Education Association and the Seattle Teachers' Association.

Attebery, E. Attebery was active in civic causes. In he played an active role in the effort to free Industrial Workers of the World members jailed after the Armistice Day clash between workers and veterans in Centralia. He was also a vocal advocate of Prohibition and a critic of American isolationism.

Attebery joined the Washington National Guard as a chaplain in He was called to active duty in September , and sent overseas the following year. Scope and Content The E. Raymond Attebery Papers document the Seattle pastor's activities as a civic leader, soldier, and military chaplain. Accession includes correspondence with his family. The bulk of the letters are to his wife, Miriam, written while Attebery was serving as a chaplain during World War II. There are also letters to his children, Eliot, Jerry, Edgar, and Gay.

Edgar also served in World War II and would be killed in action just months after his father's death.

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A scrapbook containing letters and clippings documents Attebery's career from the early s. Accession includes additional personal and church-related correspondence. Of note is a letter from President Franklin D. Roosevelt asking for Attebery's comments on local social conditions.

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His stance on Prohibition is outlined in the Writing file. The Friends of City Light subgroup includes correspondence and minutes of the organization, which was formed to support municipal ownership of Seattle's electric utility. The Committee on the Centralia Armistice Day Tragedy subgroup documents the efforts of Washington State church groups and individuals to exonerate International Workers of the World members imprisoned after the confrontation.

The committee was established by the Puget Sound Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in to investigate the Centralia shootings and was part of a local movement that eventually led to a joint investigation by several national religious organizations.

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Attebery served as secretary of that special committee. The correspondence files document Attebery's requests to national organizations to join the effort. The report issued by the national groups in is also found in this subgroup. In he joined the Oregon National Guard and served for two years, including 14 months in France. After the war, he earned his B. He would serve in that post the rest of his life. In addition to his work in the ministry, Attebery was active in a number of civic causes. In he played an active role in the effort to free Industrial Workers of the World IWW members jailed after the Armistice Day clash between workers and veterans in Centralia.

Auerbach, Marc labor and protest photographs Marc Auerbach was a student at the University of Washington between A student activist, Auerbach was part of such organizations as Students Against Apartheid and CIA Off Campus and helped to organize a coalition to demand an Ethnic Studies requirement in the UW curriculum to strengthen University's commitment to enroll and support students of color. While at UW, Auerbach was an elected member of Associated Students University of Washington Board of Control and helped to form progressive, multi-racial coalition to contest student government elections.

Many of the pictures in this collection were taken during this period, as he was taking photographs for the newspaper. During this period and later in the s, Auerbach was a participant in labor and community activism, including organizations like Puget Sound Coalition for Police Accountability, Jobs With Justice which he co-founded and in which he remained active.

During this period, he was also a delegate to King County Labor Council. Auerbach served as the lead ATU organizer of two campaigns against Tim Eyman-backed anti-transit initiatives in I and I as well as an ATU campaign against contracting out of proposed monorail system. Auerbach currently lives in Austin, Texas, where we works as an independent strategic researcher for labor unions and related organizations. Ault, Harry E. Lived in socialist colony Equality. Became involved with various socialist newspapers and was co-founder of the Socialist Amateur Press Association.

After the Seattle Union Record dissolved, Ault went into the commercial printing business and continued to write and publish political pamphlets throughout the s. Deputy United States marshal for Tacoma, Washington Barnett, Eugene b. Worked as a mineworker from the age of eight. After moving to Southwest Washington sometime after , he joined the Industrial Workers of the World. On November 11, , he witnessed the attack on the IWW union hall in Centralia, was arrested, tried, and imprisoned for eleven years. After his release to care for his ill wife, he worked as a miner and in various other occupations.

Barnett, Powell S. Papers, Powell S. Barnett was musician, civil rights activist, and African American community leader.

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  7. His father, an ex-slave, was one of many black miners recruited to work in the coal mines of Washington state. As a teenager, Powell also worked in the Roslyn coal mines and played in the "colored" band. Barnett was a community leader who worked to improve race relations, organizing the Leschi Improvement Council and serving as its first president in , organizing the East Madison YMCA, and acting as its chairman, and chairing the committee that revised the Seattle Urban League. Barnett, a sousaphone player, was the first black member of the once all-white Seattle Musicians Union, Local 76 and was instrumental in the merger between the black and white musicians' locals into the Musician's Association of Seattle Powell S.

    Tape recorded interview regarding his migration to Roslyn, Washington in as well as his move to Seattle and subsequent activities there. Bassett, Samuel B. Bates, Matthew C. Papers From , Matthew C.

    Bates was involved with negotiations and strikes at the Boeing Company. Becker, Rayfield papers, Becker was the last of the Industrial Workers of the World members associated with the "Centralia Massacre, " and was released from prison in He died in Behm, Franklin F. Blair, Stephen R. Became involved in the NUMCS while working as a ship's delegate on passenger cruise lines and freighters. Served as a delegate for a union-wide meeting on the S.

    Blair earned top wages waiting tables on luxury liners before being blacklisted in the s by the Merchant Marines. He also held positions as an hospital orderly, a medical assistant for an Arctic oil rig named Kavik, and a studio prop man on Hollywood movie sets. Boschok, Jackie papers, Jackie Boschok b. Boschok first became active in the union as soon as she started working at Boeing in , working in a variety of positions and holding a variety of offices including steward and local lodge offices including recording secretary; treasurer; and auditor. Jackie Boschok b.

    Boschok also served on the Snohomish County Labor Council from , serving on their Executive Board for 10 years and serving on its Community Services Committee. He ran for vice-president of the United States on the Farmer-Labor ticket. Bouck was arrested arrested in by federal marshals for violating the Espionage Act as part of the Wilson Administration's crackdown on dissent during World War I.

    With the support of the state Grange and allies in organized labor, Buock's case was dropped the Justice Department.

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    Brady is a poet and often reads his original compositions at pensioner and ILWU related events throughout the Pacific Coast. Member of the Democratic Party, and Populist Party activist. Elected State Land Commissioner in after refusing a free ticket from the railroad companies and walking to a convention in Ellensburg.

    Served on the Seattle Port Commission beginning in , becoming president in Bridges resigned from the Port Commission in , and ran for governor in on the newly formed Farmer-La bor ticket. Throughout his political career, Bridges, who was frequently called, "Bob" Bridges, was an advocate of labor and municipal ownership of utilities and port facilities.

    United States Participation in World War One

    Broetje, Arthur F. Bulosan, Aurelio papers, Aurelio Bulosan was the elder brother of Carlos Bulosan, a Filipino-American author, poet, and migrant laborer who left the Philippines for Seattle in Bulosan, Carlos papers, Papers of a Filipino-American author, poet, and migrant laborer. Began working as a day laborer at age 11 after only 3 years of formal schooling. Came to Seattle at 17 and was shanghaied by a local hotel proprietor and sold to an Alaskan fish cannery. At the end of the season he came back to Washington and began work as a migrant farm worker, mostly in Washington and California.

    During the years , he attempted to organize migrant workers into unions and began to write about their conditions, particularly those of Filipino immigrant workers. He had begun to write in during a two year stay in a Los Angeles hospital for tuberculosis.