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Social media also helps you build your brand because it enables sharing. You can share, retweet, and re-pin content on these platforms. This means that followers can share your content with their friends and family, which helps expose your brand to more people. It helps you grow your followers and earn more leads. Most social media platforms allow you to post content with a link to your website. When you create compelling content, you can entice your audience click on the link. This directs them to your site, where they can learn more about your business.

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Depending on your business, you can even let people use your site to book appointments or pay bills. The last advantage to social media marketing is the ability to assess your performance. You can determine how many people see your posts, comment, like, share, and more. If you run an advertising campaign, you can view metrics for that, too.

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One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is that it is entirely free to start. That being said, there are paid advertising options on most social media platforms. These can be a great tool for growing your following and reaching more users, but are by no means mandatory for businesses. Perhaps the most unique advantage of social media is the ability to get help from your followers. People love to share things with their networks, from photos and recipes to interesting articles and hot deals.

Unlike other forms of Internet marketing, like your site and paid advertisements, content on social media is often shared. However wide your reach , your followers can share with their followers, who then share with their followers, giving you a wider reach with lower cost than a traditional marketing campaign. You can also use social media to gain valuable information about your customers that will help you make smarter business decisions. For example, social listening allows you to discover how people feel about your company and brand. With social listening, you can uncover conversations about your business and answer questions about your offerings.

What do people like about your business?

How can you improve your products and services to better meet the needs of your target audience? Understanding the answers to these questions can your business stand out from the competition and reach more people.

Advantages of Social Media Platforms in your Business Website

With any marketing strategy, there are always disadvantages. If someone had a poor experience with your business, it opens a door of opportunity for them to share their poor experience with others. This negative feedback comes in different forms. On platforms like Facebook , someone can leave a negative review on your page and share their negative experience.

What are the advantages of sharing videos for digital marketing?

On sites like Twitter , users can tag a company in their posts and share their negative experience. People can retweet that poor experience and spread it across the network. Social media platforms are catalysts for complaining and leaving negative feedback. People use their profiles to help others understand their poor experience.

The Challenge of Picking Platforms

Many people feel there is a social obligation to share their experience to prevent others from having the same experience. How to adapt to this social media disadvantage: Whenever you receive negative feedback on social media, respond to it. Pinterest is a free online, visually focused search engine and social platform.

It works on the concept of a pin board for pictures and has evolved to become one of the most influential interactive image-based search share and shopping apps and websites in the world. Nine months after it was launched in March of it already had 10, active and returning users.

Pinterest allows users to discover, collect and share their favourite pictures based on their interests.

Advantages of Pinterest vs Disadvantages of Pinterest

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest can be used on a personal level or for the promotion of your business. You make multiple boards with different headings where pinners can pin and re-pin images and links for other Pinterest users to see. It can be edited at any time or only be made available to certain users, or it can even be used as a private board for yourself. You can follow a user or just one of their many boards depending on your shared interests.

Home Feed — This is the collection of pins from all of the other pinners and boards you follow. It updates in real time as pins are added.

How Using Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business - Yuqo

Digital marketing is about brand awareness, increasing traffic to your website, widening your audience and increasing rankings to ultimately generate more leads, right? CNN Business announced that Pinterest hit million monthly users in August of , which is million potential customers you could be missing out on, so clearly Pinterest is the place to be. In short, anything and everything. Their future prospects aim to make the pins you save and share easy to access in your own personal capacity, so near you and within your price range — that could mean more business for you.

Where Instagram can be considered to be based on sharing, Pinterest is focused on helping users explore and discover new content. Learn how to use all social media platforms to boost your business with state of the art social media training! Here are some of the ways you can grow your business using Pinterest, now that you understand the influence it truly holds as a social media platform. This is where being an active participant comes into play. Part of it's appeal is that it's beautiful.

The Pinterest user interface is also extremely easy to learn. An image, referred to as a "PIN," can be added from a website using the "Save" button, or you can upload images from your computer. When you discover Pins you love, you can save them to boards to keep your ideas organized and easy to find. These categorized collections are called pinboards.


You can follow other users and share their content by repinning. Similar to Twitter , you can follow anyone, even if they aren't following you back. You have the option to follow all of another user's boards, or you can just select certain boards to follow the best method. Your profile's images aren't all grouped together. They're part of separate boards, so people can follow as many boards as they like.