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I am the law. Some of the scenes -- a locker-room dozens session, in which the players achieve solidarity by insulting one another's mothers -- feel a bit phony, but Mr.

Yakin uses the physical intensity of the sport as a way of telegraphing the changing emotional texture of the team. Brutal tackles and errant punches have a way of turning into the hugs and handshakes of genuine camaraderie. Yes, indeed. Even by sports movie standards, there aren't a lot of women on the scene.

Boone's wife Nicole Ari Parker barely speaks, and white women show up principally as opponents of the transracial bonding that comes relatively easily to the football players. Gary Bertier Ryan Hurst , the white team captain whose initial resistance to playing alongside blacks does not survive camp, must contend with the stubborn bigotry of his mother and his girlfriend. On the first day back at school, the students are greeted by an angry white mob, including protesters carrying signs that say ''Mothers Against Busing.

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Yakin leaps from one big payoff to the next, and paints his characters in vivid, cartoonish colors. There's the fat white guy who's too goofy to be racist Ethan Suplee ; the beefy black guy who sings, jokes and dispenses inspiration Earl C.

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Poitier ; and the golden-haired hippie, a transplant from Southern California, with a throwing arm that's also pure gold Kip Pardue. Happily, the younger members of the cast form a loose, funny, heartfelt ensemble; Mr.

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Hurst and Wood Harris, as his rival and comrade Julius Campbell, are especially fine. Washington and Mr.

Titans Exposes Everything Wrong with DC’s Gritty, Boring Approach to Live Action |

Patton are strong, complex enough presences to make up for the script's deficiencies. The football played by the Titans and their opponents is the old-fashioned, up-the-middle kind, yielding low final scores and bruised and muddy players. The football sequences themselves are in the usual slamming, grunting Dolby, and if they don't quite shake your molars loose, the way Oliver Stone's ''Any Given Sunday'' did, you may put a hand to your chest from time to time to see if your ribs are still in place.

If a heart beats inside those ribs, you'll also find a lump in your throat and an overwhelming urge to cheer.

Titans: Whatever Happened to Wally West?

I was a defensive back, smaller for college. I weighed I was behind a guy who had played at E. He tore his shoulder up, and then I took his place, so I lettered all four years. I played safety. We played a 4—3, and I was the free safety.

We rotated up and back. By the time I was a senior, I had two sophomores and a freshman in the secondary, so I was the boss.

He was one of the main characters in the movie

Today, these schools would be classified in Virginia as 6A, the largest of all six classifications. Lewis was that year, its only loss to T. Williams Remember the Titans Game which had an enrollment of 5, students.