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Unlike the average rotation, the Spin is persistent and produces more rotational energy [1] than it takes to create.

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That rotational energy is transferred to nearby objects in the form of vibrations [2] and can be wielded for a wide array of purposes. The Spin is a specialty of the Kingdom of Naples. It is intensively used there either for medicine or for battle. All characters who know the Spin are either Neapolitan or have been taught by a Neapolitan. Because of its miraculous property, the Spin has been wielded as a technique by a chosen few at least since the Middle Ages [3] from which several specialized skills have been derived.

The Spin is deceptively and relatively easy to learn at the basic, as the novice Johnny Joestar manages to produce a conclusive Spin with a cork within a day of learning about the power's existence; [4] however, it is extremely difficult to master. The Spin must be imbued into a medium that will keep on spinning and must be thrown so the object can transfer the energy through contact.

Thus, a Spin user must be able to expertly aim and throw objects in order to hope for a result. One must also know the human body extremely well to exploit the effects of the Spin on people to the fullest. For instance the Zeppeli Family are trained as surgeons to use the Spin on criminals on death row, [5] otherwise, the Spin may only result in a simple enhancement of destructive energy.

Others like the members of Naples' royal guard only use a highly specialized application of the Spin on the human body. The Spin can be applied to a variety of objects. Examples include corks, [4] bullets [7] water, [1] or typically any object on which there is an axis around which the object can rotate well. Tusk is a Stand linked to the Spin which uses Spin-imbued finger- and toenails. Johnny Joestar's Stand Tusk , developed with Gyro's mentoring, allows Johnny to spin his fingernails and toenails [8] to act like bullets.

Unlike the Steel Balls, the nails possess more metaphysical properties. Developed in the Middle Ages to bypass the shield and armor of mounted knights, stirrups were invented to harness the power of a running horse. The horseman must let the horse run with the force of the Golden Rectangle, meaning it must gallop at its most natural speed. At this perfect pace, the horse spontaneously creates the energy of the Spin; it can then be harnessed through the stirrups and passed on through the body, into the arm and wrists to further empower the throw of the Steel Ball.

Thus, a truly perfect rotation emitting an infinite amount of energy is created. Unlocking the Golden Spin grants mastery over an infinite amount of energy, therefore, several miraculous feats are possible. First and foremost is that its wielder spontaneously develops a Stand or evolves it should they already have one.

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Although almighty, the Golden Spin is incredibly complicated to use. One must not only have a healthy horse, but also have the expertise to feel when it runs at its natural pace, in addition to the need of being proficient in the Spin and possessing a projectile that can be imbued with the Golden Spin. Jason and Wun Ngo Wen then seed nanotechnology throughout the outer solar system. This technology will eventually expand to other star systems over the course of millions of years and search for other worlds enclosed by Spin membranes, hopefully discovering why they were created and if anything can be done to stop them.

Tyler leaves Perihelion and moves to California.

There he gets a desperate call from Simon, stating that Diane is terribly sick. Diane and Simon had moved from the ashes of the NK movement to join a more cult-like fringe movement that was trying to hasten the second coming through genetic engineering of cattle.

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As Tyler heads to meet Diane, the Spin membrane seems to falter and fail, allowing the stars to return to the sky. The next day, the sun rises huge and red in the sky causing terrible heat and high winds. Millions across the world panic as the apparent end has come. Tyler finds Diane suffering from a fatal cardiovascular disease that crossed from cows to humans during the attempts by religious fringe to breed a totally red calf, which they think will bring out the end of the world.


The only cure is to give her the same treatment that Jason has taken. He and Simon drive Diane back to Diane's childhood home where Tyler had hidden some of the Martian biotech. Simon, however, leaves Tyler and Diane and gives them his blessing, and is never seen again. Tyler discovers that Jason is at the house, dying of a mysterious ailment.

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Jason explains that he has become a human receiver for the nanotechnology they seeded throughout the galaxy. He also explains his conclusions about the nature of the Spin and the Hypotheticals who created it. The Hypotheticals are intelligent Von Neumann machines that spread throughout the galaxy billions of years ago. Horrified at the rise and fall of biological societies, they devised a plan to enclose planets on the verge of societal collapse in Spin membranes to slow their advancement until a way could be found to save them.

Jason dies shortly after explaining this and has Tyler mail copies of the information to trusted informants. Tyler gives the Martian treatment to Diane, who recovers. Shortly after, the membrane partially reasserts itself, allowing the stars to be seen and synchronizing Earth time with that of the universe, but filtering the solar radiation to a survivable level.

It's discovered that the Spin membrane had been retracted to let a massive ring descend and embed itself in the Indian Ocean. The "Arch", as it becomes known, acts as a portal to another world, one engineered by the Hypotheticals to give mankind a new chance at life.

A decade after the appearance of the Arch, Diane and Tyler, now married, flee from agents of the United States government who seek to arrest them for possessing forbidden Martian technology. Tyler takes the same cure that Jason and Diane did, becoming a "Fourth" himself, and Tyler and Diane pass through the Arch with a group of Indonesian refugees.

They scatter Jason's ashes in the crossing between Earth and the other world so that he finally can be at peace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spin Cover of first edition hardcover. Dewey Decimal. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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