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We are going to visit Plunder Cove on the California coast. This is the homestead for the Harper family who all have been called home. For Jeff Harper, playboy extraordinaire, growing up there was a horrible experience. His mother was constantly punishing him. So much so that the kitchen staff took the little Jeff under there wing. Now he has been set up in a video that ruined him professionally. He returns home to set up a restaurant and hotel for his Sizzling!! He returns home to set up a restaurant and hotel for his father.

Michele Cox is a chef recovering from a life changing situation. Michele pays for her sister care. Jeff Harper is looking for the perfect chef for his new restaurant. He holds a contest between several chefs at their Plunder Cove home. Michele applies but after being there Will she stay? Will the magic she once had cooking return? Will Jeff overcome his past so he can move on to the future? Will Jeff finally realize his family worth? The characters are cleverly created, three dimensional, colorful and interesting.

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They are involved in a fast paced complex plot with some subplots. The authors description is so realistic and flows effortlessly. You feel you are right in May 16, Carey S. This is the second book in a series about three siblings who spent their formative years at Plunder Cove. Each book can be read as a standalone, but it is a richer experience when all three are read in order.

As a result, his show, Secrets and Sheets, is canceled, and he is in need of employment. His father, RW Harper, offers Jeffrey the opportunity to redeem This is the second book in a series about three siblings who spent their formative years at Plunder Cove. His father, RW Harper, offers Jeffrey the opportunity to redeem his reputation by becoming the project manager and hotel manager at Casa Larga Resort.

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The catch is that he has to get married. He is willing to accept an arranged marriage that is part of the deal, if only to get the job that his dad dangles before him. She lost her confidence as well, and needs to come up with a way to pay her bills quickly. The job opportunity at Plunder Cove seems like a dream come true for her, but she has so many doubts about her abilities now, that she subconsciously sabotages her chances. Jeffrey has some internal demons to battle, as does Michele. Actually, almost every main character in this story has one internal battle or more to wage.

These are strong characters and they work well together most of the time. He is trying his best to be a better father, to live a better life, and make restitution for the harm he has done. The pacing is fairly consistent, and there are a few instances of letting go and even a time or two of giving up on the part of Michele.

She always comes back around after some time has passed, and realizes that both the job and the man are worth fighting for. Jeffery seems like the weaker character; however, he experienced some deep trauma as a child, and that takes a huge amount of inner strength to overcome.

There is a HEA ending, and the book is able to hold the interest of the reader. This was a really fun read. Jeffrey Jeff to his friends Harper is from a rich family. His family is building a new resort at Plunder Cove but Jeff has gotten caught in a really bad, compromising position from a rival hotelier named Finn.

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It seems that Jeff has a TV show and filmed Finn's hotel engaging in really bad practices so to get Jeffrey not to air the bad footage, Finn sets up Jeff and videotapes it. He keeps releasing bits and pieces slowly to destory Jeff's image. Enter Jeff's This was a really fun read. Enter Jeff's father Jeff doesn't believe in love or marriage but agrees because he'll get to run the restaurant.

Jeff decides to have a competition to select the head chef. Michele is a chef looking to get her mojo back. She was an amazing chef on the rise until Alfieri a restaurant owner took advantage of her and left her with nothing and destroyed her confidence. Michele is struggling to get back on her feet and to make matters worse, she has a sick sister who relies on her to pay for her expensive medical care. She wondered if he'd known she was checking him out. I guess one in Florida. Why was he quizzing her? How's your grade point average?

In fact my GPA is better than good. I'm at the top of my class. In the top ten at least. She'd made a lot of sacrifices, especially in her social life. She couldn't recall the last time she'd gone out on a date or participated in any school activities. But she was okay with that. Pam was paying a lot of the cost for her education and Jillian wanted to make her sister proud. Started on them yet? I suggest you prepare for them during your free time.

What's that? It's essential to know how to manage your time wisely, otherwise you'll get burned-out before you even get started. Then she pushed her resentment aside. He was giving her sound advice and he had gone where she had yet to go.

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And from what she'd heard, he was doing pretty well at it. He would graduate from Harvard Medical School at the top of his class and then enter a dual residency program that any medical student would die for. He would get the chance to work with the best cardiologists in the United States. When you get ready to knock them out of the way, let me know. I'll help you. Even if I have to come to you to do it.

The Things She Says by Kat Cantrell

He would come to her? She couldn't imagine him doing such a thing. Harvard was in Boston and that was a long way from her university in Lara-mie, Wyoming. She handed it to him and tried to ignore the tingling sensation that flowed through her when their hands touched. She watched him use deft fingers to key in the numbers.

Surgeon's fingers. Long, strong, with precise and swift movements. She wondered how those same fingers would feel stroking her skin. She heated just thinking about it.

Moments later his phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. It was then that she realized he'd called himself to have her number, as well. He stood, glancing at his watch. Happy birthday again. The intensity of his gaze made her stomach quiver and another burst of heat swept through her. She felt something Sexual chemistry?

All three and more, she decided. She'd thought all the Westmoreland males she'd met since Pam married Dillon were eye candy, but there was something about Aidan that pulled at everything female inside of her. She cleared her throat. Her question seemed to jar him. He frowned slightly before quickly forcing a smile.

Why, of all the women in the world, have I developed this deep attraction for Jillian Novak? The first time he'd noticed it was when they'd been introduced four years ago. He'd been twenty-two, and she only seventeen, but still a looker. He'd known then that he would have to keep his distance.

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  8. Now she was twenty-one and still had the word innocent written all over her. From what he'd heard, she didn't even have a boyfriend, preferring to concentrate on her studies and forgo a love life. And speaking of life, Aidan was fairly certain he loved every part of his, especially his family.