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Overview This enjoyable easy-to-read guide to self-healing discusses, simply and briefly, ten ways to improve your life and stay well. You will learn basic "mind-body" tools to quiet your mind, release muscle tension, activate your built-in healing system, and breathe for optimal health.

You will learn how to move more easily, and to eat to satisfy your soul as well as your body. Realize that you can improve your self-image and feel better about yourself. Finally, this book will help you to find inner peace, and to enjoy your life more by treating yourself well. If you have an Android, simply search Google Play to see if they're available for Android. There is an option to pay for actual therapists as well but I haven't used that option. Get more details by checking out my full 7 Cups Review.

Talkspace is another free online therapy app. You get a free initial consultation. After that, they charge to connect you with a licensed therapist. MoodTrack is my favorite mood track app for teens and for myself. You simply put in your mood, any notes you want to add, and rate it The app tracks your app and shows you a graph, which is helpful for teens to track mood swings and anxiety. Moods is, you guessed it, a mood tracking app. Teens find this one simple and easy to use because it takes just a few moments to track your mood each day.

Hear and Now.

Hear and Now measures your body stress by taking the pulse in your finger through your phone's camera. You can set daily reminders for deep breathing exercises. Though other apps have guided breathing, Hear and Now's guided breathing is my favorite. You can set the number of breaths you take, and they have suggestions as well. Love this app. When your teen downloads the MindShift app, they'll be greeted with a welcome message telling them there are steps they can take to stop anxiety from controlling their lives.

This app is good for helping teens work through their anxiety rather than avoiding issues that are causing it. Relax Melodies.

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Anxiety can cause insomnia. Combining over relaxation sounds, melodies, binaural beats and white noise, Relax Melodies allows you to create your very own relaxing soundscapes.

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Can play for a specified period of time or all night. Pacifica offers daily tools for stress and anxiety as well as a supportive community.

Ultimate Sleep App – Relaxing, Calm Music & Sounds

Calm is the 1 app for mindfulness and meditation for teens. Even if your teen has never done any meditation before, Calm's guided meditations will walk them through it. They also have breathing programs, relaxing music, and sleep stories. Recommended by top psychologists. Aura walks your teen through 3-minute meditations to help you calm and destress. You let Aura know how you're feeling, and the app chooses the best meditation for you.

Aura also offers mood tracking and daily reminders for breathing exercises. Colorfy is a free coloring app. Coloring can be relaxing and is a great creative outlet for teens and adults. There are many other free coloring apps, you can find them on iTunes or in Google Play. There's no real need to pay for a coloring app with so many free options.