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Religion is all about the playground anyway.

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It gives you a framework to understand the unexplainable. Things which one can experience but not explain DeMello's "Scent of a Rose" analogy is great to help understand this Once you experience them, you don't need to have the playground experience any more. It's not so subtle, nor very surprising. Western culture, for better or worse, is undeniably the product of "Monotheism: The Curse from the Desert".

It's a particularly virulent meme. Those are history books, containing the dullest stories ever recorded with a religious purpose. Numbers is of course part of the Torah, so there's an outside chance of offending Orthodox Jews, but they almost always send their kids to private religious schools, and I can promise that no kid will stay awake long enough to remember anything you said about the other books.

Another option might be to teach the minor prophets, which in the case of Micah is really pretty that's got one of the "swords into plowshares" verses and "What does the Lord require of thee, oh Man, but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God. Anne O'Neimaus said It's right there in the Law of Moses, Exodus " If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

Alas, it's not so clear as you say. In fact, it looks like you're wrong. But if there is any [further] injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

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Therefore, the passage might also be translated as what reparation is owed if men scuffle, hurt a pregnant woman and induce a premature birth, because the child is likely to have health problems and and be more difficult to take care of Hmm, in fact, I just looked further, and it appears that most of the current translations of this passage even the most updated version of the NASB quoted above do now translate the phrase in question as "give birth prematurely" or a more vague "her child come out" -- not as "miscarriage.

As for the main topic at hand, it's a damn shame if a text as influential can't be taught in schools, but it's such a minefield it's impractical.

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Even if you teach it, as I think would be best, along the lines of an impartial "this is what some people believe," you're still screwed, because you'll run afoul of how different sects interpret the text. At least you can't teach it in public schools, where sending your kids is not entirely voluntary, and taxpayer support is mandatory. Which means that every constituent can claim violation of his rights if his money is used to promulgate, or his kids are taught, interpretations of the text that don't fit his own beliefs.

The fact that all consituents are coerced, and that violations of their rights in a pluralistic society are unavoidable, is yet another reason to abolish public schools.

The Zeusian Chronicles Part VI Intergalactic War G. Stewart Smith

Who cares? The more important question is whether or not it's appropriate to steal in order to pay for education. Answer: no. I actually had a one-semester "bible as literature" course while I was in High School, in California.

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You will find this on the back of our one dollar bill, and you will find the All-Seeing Eye was placed on Ethiopian stamps when they got a communist government in power. And the bloodlines of the Illuminati go back to people who at one time lived in Babylon and Egypt. But I do feel that somehow the 13th Illuminati family does goes back to ancient times. Is this via the Tribe of Dan or via some Druidic bloodline or is it via the Merovingians or is it via all three. Whatever the case, the 13th bloodline has amassed a great deal of power and wealth on this planet.

The 13th bloodline lacks nothing to bring forth their Anti-Christ who will appear to have all the correct credentials. I would not even be surprised if their Anti-Christ in order to appear real will expose another Anti-Christ. The 13th bloodline has kept its genealogies very secret. I would welcome more input from informed persons about this bloodline. The tribe of Dan was prophesied to be the black sheep of the nation of Israel which would bite the other tribes of Israel. The tribe of Dan had the snake and the eagle as its two logos. The tribe of Dan left its calling card all over Europe as it migrated west in the names of many places.

The tribe of Dan ruled the Greeks, the Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian empire and many others which used the eagle as its logo. Great Britain is the mother country of Satanism. The national symbol of Scotland is the dragon the snake , and for years the chief of Scotland was called the dragon. The Gaelic language is an important language for Satanism, although English and French are also use extensively by the Illuminati. The planning sessions for world takeover that some ex-Satanists experienced were held in French.

The British Royal Family have long been involved with the occult. They have also been actively involved with Freemasonry see the chart. British MI6 has been a major vehicle for the Satanic hierarchy working behind the secret veil of Freemasonry to control world events. British MI6 is the most secret intelligence organization in the world. The British Royalty have served as important figureheads to British Freemasonry lending credibility and respectability. British Freemasonry has managed to keep itself free of much of the criticism that the other national Masonic groups have brought on themselves.

However, much of the credibility of British Freemasonry is undeserved. True, British Freemasonry is what it portrays itself to the public for the lower levels. But, the lower level Masons by their dues and activities are unwittingly supporting an organization that is led by Satanists at the top. An example of the subterfuge constantly exercised on the public by Freemasonry is a book purportedly written by a non-Mason entitled The Unlocked Secret Freemasonry Examined. The book portrays itself as an unbiased and complete expose of Freemasonry. Interviews with numerous Ex-Witches and Ex-Satanists.

Confidential Interviews.

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  6. Wise, David and Thomas B. The Espionage Establishment, p. These people have two things in common. Carnality and human wisdom in place of the faith of Jesus, and the Babylonian religion, or learning. Perhaps the majority of these people are related to the serpent by blood, as well as by cunning. Computer genealogies of dynastic families uncover interesting links with other families in the past, disclosing hidden criminal interests that continue to represent the main source of income of these pillars of society to the present time.

    The future existence of an assertion of an expression of the true insight, and, also, the necessary potential of any fully human being, to, actually, foresee the actual future of society, thus: is a matter of the deepest quality of achievement of all human resources, as being human, in respect of the realized power to peek into the making of an oncoming, actual future—and, better still, to make it happen.

    Mistress of the Night (Forgotten Realms: The Priests, #2) Don Bassingthwaite

    That must be accomplished, through the means for that to be recognized in terms of the sense of a power of something sometimes named, with or without what that person has actually experienced as: actual knowledge of the future, as in the kind of knowledge which can be gained, not merely by experimental methods, but, by an apparently divine presumption, one which is to become known, not from past experience as such, but only with the foresight of a suitably devoted human soul. It is exactly that just-spoken argument, which actually expresses a relative perfection of intention, respecting "the very meaning of my own adopted purpose in existence.

    I wrote, as I also speak, with the authority of the commitment of my identity as a leading figure, from which, and also, to a certain beyond, the organization which I have led, so far: the relatively clearest sense, during the span of the recently five decades, and a bit more. We must, as I shall underscore this in the oncoming course of this report, be self-prepared for the battles which the future will demand of us, as for the benefit of the meaning of the meaning of the good future.

    Let the remainder of what is to be said, here, now, and then, as the following, on that specific account. Let it unfold within the process of the work of the inherently passing appearance of incarnate human souls, as if they are fitting the requirements which I have set forth here, something of the prospect of our active realization of the future. So, exactly as the Apostle Paul's neatly compacted statement of the, actual meaning of the human soul, emphasized that as being the entire thesis in the most succinct terms, in a most elegantly concentrated expression, in I Corinthians I must now quickly say, that that is not religion as merely such, but is the deepest practical expression of the necessary passion which makes the entire text of that statement by the Apostle Paul, rather not a mere argument, but the kind of permanent principle of truth, which is fit to subsume any contrary supposition of universal truth within the future for as far as we are presently enabled to know it.

    I have, so far, emphasized certain essential principles; I must now turn the page of my argument, here, into the subject of the work which I do in my presently more than five decades of capacity. Many things, strewn from through the passage of history, must now be brought to account, all in a unifying expression of the history of our experience of the present times.

    The implications of China's achievement, in its present degree of challenging, a Moon-based investigation, of the potential for realizing both the Moon-based potential in Helium-Three, there, and, also, its imminent implications for a present mission which I, on my own account, have identified as being the role of man in this matter, expressing a prospective attempt to free mankind from a continued confinement to an "Earthling Status. That might be treated, as a momentary best option for my wishful choice, for an allegory, and for mankind's needed future.