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CP takes rail yard off market, catching Mpls.

Neighbors raise more concerns over plans for Minnehaha Parkway. Catholic bishop for Duluth diocese suffers fatal cardiac arrest.

Ice preserved a tiny puppy in near-perfect condition for 18, years. For Gophers and fans, it's grief and then a bowl game. Vikings' challenges are many: the travel, the QB, the opponent. The Oprah effect has helped Edina pajama company more than triple in size. Thielen won't play in Vikings' game in Seattle. Variety Twin Cities crafters reflect climate change with 'temperature' blankets and scarves Local knitters' multicolored handiworks turn weather stats into art and a gentle form of activism.

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By Rachel Hutton Star Tribune. More from Star Tribune. Minneapolis Two children, parents dead in apparent triple murder-suicide December 1. Duluth Duluth buried under nearly 22 inches of snow; no travel advised am. Gophers For Gophers and fans, it's grief and then a bowl game December 1. North Metro 4-vehicle pileup in Coon Rapids leaves 2-year-old critically hurt; suspected drunken driver in jail December 1. More From Star Tribune. More From Variety. Variety 13 minutes ago. Among these, and sought-after by divers, are orange-peel nudibranchs. Visibility for this dive was around feet, which is about what we had hoped for.

We surfaced to a beautiful sunset, which we fortunately enjoyed Dawn the next morning brought with it a blowing snowstorm. A building wind precluded any possibliity to dive the walls, but there are some sheltered sites that are OK to dive in those conditions, and so we were off to Hussar Point, an arc of sloping boulders enclosing a shallow, sandy basin. The attraction at Hussar Point is hooded nudibranchs I found a bunch of them hunkered down on top of a sea cucumber.

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Gotta wonder what the cuke was thinking about these strange hitchikers Out in the basin we also found some giant dendronotid nudibranchs After the dive we made our way through building seas back to the lodge. The boat was crashing through the waves, sending freezing sprays of sea water over us. Unfortunately, we were diving from an open skiff. Fortunately, everyone decided to keep their hoods and masks in place to protect us from the elements.

Weather or Knot

There was little conversation coming in, although lots of grins after such a lovely dive. Our next two dives were also in sheltered locations Rock of Life and Eagle Rock. Each of these had its own charm, and although not as spectacular as the walls, the boulder structures provided shelter for colorful China Rockfish Quote of the day came from Paul, our deck hand, as we were heading back in from the second dive.

I mentioned the fact that the storm seemed to be building in intensity. His reply was "Nah, the storm's up north The ride after the third dive involved little conversation and no happy faces It was not a fun ride, and by the time we arrived back at the cove there was a collective sigh of relief from just about everyone.

The day had provided some intensely beautiful diving, but was also a case study in how much people were willing to put up with to dive here. Fortunately, this was a very experienced group of divers. Part 2 follows The next day started out calm enough The rest of us headed to the signature dive site of the area Browning Wall. I got to start the dive twice, as one of our team members lost his mask backrolling into the water. Fortunately the vis was spectacular I caught up to it at about 40 feet Coming back to the surface, I handed him his mask and we restarted the dive. Browning is truly an imposing wall Oddly, there's so much life here it's almost overwhelming to the senses But after a time I settled in and started noticing things.

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I had hoped to find Puget Sound king crab on this dive, and dutifully, one showed itself after a time. This was a juvenile, still wearing his "gremlin" hat they outgrow those as adults , and just developing the classic red, yellow and blue pattern that adults are known for.

There were also the basket stars I found one that was sizeable and with its arms fully extended, feeding on the planktonic life being carried past on the current We surfaced to discover the snow had stopped, and the sun was peeking out from behind low clouds. The wind had moderated, and it was a pleasant ride back to the Hideaway. Spirits were high that we were going to have some decent weather for the trip, as it seemed the storm had passed us by. Our next dive was the wreck of the Themis This was an exposed area, and we embraced our opportunity to get on it.

It is also, however, a shallow dive The major attraction to this dive was the rockfish that shelter among the remains of the wreck. Because of the shallow depths, there is a lot of bull kelp. Massive schools of black and yellow-tail rockfish nestled among the forest of kelp stems rising from the wreck to the surface.

We also found a couple of wolf eels tucked back inside the shelter of parts of the wreck. Overall, due to the surge, visibility wasn't as good as on the walls, and I got very few pictures worth keeping. But the experience of diving among the remnants of the ship made it a memorable dive. This wasn't a memorable dive for me, as I flooded a glove and by 20 minutes into the dive I was torn between really wanting to continue and really wanting to get out of the water so I could warm my hand up a bit.

But it was a lovely wall, and we managed a respectable 55 minutes before surfacing. Which was a fortunate decision, because this was to be our final full day of diving for the trip. Naturally, we broke out our foul weather gear, which looks pretty much like our fair weather gear, except that we keep it in a different cardboard box.

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